LOOK: Cosplayers speak up against social injustice

Dressed as Spiderman, Mikasa of Attack on Titan and even Disney’s Esmeralda, a group of cosplayers gathered together and speak out against social injustice such as extrajudicial killings and human rights abuses on social media site Facebook.

Called as “A Hero’s Call” , the movement is described as follow:

“The Darkest Night has come. Villains have risen to the highest positions in the land. Children are dying on our streets. Murderers and plunderers are being set free without so much as a slap on the wrist. And the value of our human rights has been diminished to the point where the institutions that protect them are deemed expendable.

But we can still bring about the Brightest Day. In times of great darkness, heroes arise to shine their light on the shadows that surround us. And they need our help.”

The group is encouraging everyone in the community who still “believes in justice to suit up, raise their wands, ignite their light sabers, and join the fight.”

It also says that the world needs everyone to become heroes, heroes who will stand together and let their voices be heard.

For more information about the group, go to their Facebook page, facebook.com/aheroscallph.

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