Hell Girl Fourth Twilight to air on ANIMAX Asia this November

ANIMAX Asia has announced through a promotional video that the fourth season of Hell Girl will air on the channel this November.

Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight will premiere on November 3, airing double episodes, every Wednesday to Friday at 10PM.

Synopsis by Animax Asia

There is a website that is only accessible exactly at midnight. If you post a grudge there, the Hell Girl, Ai Enma, will appear and drag your hated foe into Hell. Although this sounds like nothing more than an urban myth, it turns out to be true. One day, the mysterious Michiru appears in front of Ai Enma. However, Michiru does not remember who she is or why she is here. Her secret past will soon be revealed.

ANIMAX is available in the Philippines on SkyCable/Destiny Cable channel 46 and Cignal TV channel 73.

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