Live-action Tokyo Ghoul movie to air on TMC

Filipino-dubbed movie channel TMC (Tagalized Movie Channel) has announced on its Facebook page that it will air the live-action Tokyo Ghoul film on the channel.

The movie is scheduled to air on February 15, 8PM and it will be shown in Filipino dubbed.

Based on the dark fantasy manga series of the same name by Sui Ishida, Tokyo Ghoul follows the story of a shy college student Ken Kaneki who survives a deadly encounter with Rize Kamishiro, his date and a ghoul – individuals who survives by hunting and devouring human flesh. This unfortunate meeting pushes Kaneki into the dark depths of the ghouls’ inhuman world.

Tokyo Ghoul film is directed by Kentarō Hagiwara and stars Masataka Kubota, Fumika Shimizu and Yū Aoi. The film was shown in Philippine theaters last September 6, 2017.

TMC is available on Sky Cable Ch. 80 and Destiny Ch 74.

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