Philippine hero Jose Rizal gets own manga series

For the first time in Japan, the world of manga or Japanese comics will pay homage to the Philippines’ national hero, Jose Rizal.

Titled “Jose Rizal”, the manga series is written by Takahiro Matsui with artwork by Ryo Konno. It will be divided into three chapters with a total of 100 pages.

It will discuss Rizal’s life and his contribution to society.

“Japan, too, was affected by the genius of Rizal, who had changed his country not through violence, but through his knowledge and hardwork. More than anything, I believe that he would be a good subject to let Filipinos and people all over the world see the appeal of manga, and thus had his story told in manga form,” TORICO Representative Takuro Ando explained why they’ve chosen Jose Rizal.

“Jose Rizal” will be released on both Japanese and English versions and there are plans on a Filipino version.

It will be available at the MANGA.CLUB site every Tuesday starting on June 19, which is also Jose Rizal’s birthday.


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