Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative film coming soon in the Philippines

Sunrise’s upcoming mecha science fiction film Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative  is set to screen in theaters in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Singapore-based distribution company Odex Private Limited announced it on its official Facebook page last Monday. Details such as the release date and theater venues will be announced soon.

Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative film is based on the 11th Gundam Unicorn Novel, Phoenix Hunting.  Japanese animation studio Sunrise is producing the film with Shunichi Yoshizawa, Episode Director of Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt directing.

The film is slated for release in Japanese theaters in November 30, 2018

Synopsis from Anime News Network
U.C. 0097. One year since the Laplace’s Box was opened. Despite the revelation of the original charter for the Universal Century, which acknowledges the existence of Newtypes and their rights, the world remains largely unchanged. After the destruction of the Neo Zeon remnant force known as the Sleeves, the event that has come to be known as the “Laplace Incident” seems to have drawn to a close. In the final battle, two Full Psycho Frame mobile suits displayed power beyond human imagination. The menace of the White Unicorn and the Black Lion were sealed away from public consciousness, and were consigned to be forgotten by history. But now sightings of the RX-0 Unicorn 03, long thought lost two years ago, are being reported. Its name is Phenex, an immortal golden bird.

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