Barangay 143 announces break, returns early 2019

Barangay 143 has recently announced that the first Filipino anime series is taking a season break. The series aired its eight and final episode for the year last Sunday, December 9 on GMA 7.

According to its official website, Barangay 143 will return on February next year with all new episodes. 

Despite the series break, the Barangay 143 experience continues online via the casual shootout game ”Barangay 143 Street League” and through live-events.

Barangay 143 is a feel-good coming of age story of Bren, a young Korean boy whose search for his father brings him to the Philippines. Lost and desperate for answers, is here in this foreign land that he finds an unlikely family in a team of misfits whose ambition is to bring glory to their hometown.

The series is co-produced by Synergy88 Entertainment Media Inc., August Media Holdings and TV Asahi.

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