LOOK: Nana Okada, other AKB48 members in Cebu

Members of popular Japanese idol group AKB48 surprise many Filipino fans after posting photos about their recent trip in the Philippines.

STU48 Captain Nana Okada uploaded in her Instagram last Sunday several photos of her together with the other AKB48 members during their visit to the islands of Cebu and Nalusuan.

The photos have earned several hundreds of likes and comments from her fans in the Philippines, including members of Filipino idol group and their sister group MNL48.

Accompanying her in this trip were three other members of the group: Yuiri Murayama, Saki Kitazawa and Rina Nozawa.

Apart from being STU48’s Captain, Okada is also the Vice Captain of Team 4, which is led by Murayama as Captain. Kitazawa and Nozawa were both former Team 4 members before being transferred to Team B and Team K, respectively.

This has been the first time that Okada visited the Philippines. 

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