WATCH: Megumi Nakajima sings Filipino song ‘Kailan’

Japanese voice actress Megumi Nakajima sings her rendition of the Filipino song, ‘Kailan’ in a short clip posted by her music record flying DOG.


The song ‘Kailan’ was originally performed by Filipino singing group, Smokey Mountain, which became a hit in 1989. Acoustic band MYMP also had a rendition of the song.

It also previews Nakajima enjoying the scenes at the Manila Bay. The clip is part of ‘Megumi Nakajima in Philippines’ bonus footage for her first best album.

The best album, ‘30 pieces of love‘ will contain 29 songs spanning Megumi’s singing career since her solo debut in 2009. Her brand new song ‘Love! For Your Love!’ is also included.

Digest clip of the ’30 pieces of love’ album

The Blu-ray disc, which contains 2 music video and bonus footage from ‘Megumi Nakajima in Philippines’ will be included in the limited edition, priced at JPY5,500.

The Regular edition album, which contains only the CDs are priced at JPY3,500. There will be also an analog vinyl edition “8 pieces of love” priced at JPY3,000.

The album will be on sale on June 5, which is also Nakajima’s 30th birthday.

Megumi Nakajima is known as the voice of Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier, which was her anime debut role in 2008. She has released 12 singles and four original albums during the course of her career as a solo singer. She performed at a live concert in the Philippines last year.

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