5 things to expect at Cosplay Matsuri 2019

Unquestionably, one of the fastest-growing events of its kind, Cosplay Matsuri 2019 accomplishes this feat by delivering one of the most attractive venues in terms of ambiance with majestic Torii Gates, an elegant Japanese bridge and paper lanterns floating gracefully in the air.

With a packed schedule and tons of great activities at the event, it is hard to pin down exactly where to start, but that being said, here are 5 things you can expect at Cosplay Matsuri 2019.

The Nezuko Box

It started as an online survey to see if there was some interest to see a Kimetsu No Yaiba-inspired Cosplay Diorama for Cosplay Matsuri 2019. With an overwhelming positive response online, the project was green-lit with the box being constructed a few weeks later. Guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser, the only question will be if you’ll be able to fit in the Nezuko box.

Awesome Year-End Deals

Cosplay Matsuri boasts over 120 exhibit booths this year. Best of all, you can expect some huge deals as stocks will be cleared for 2020. Killer Coupons is another way you can save big by printing out the coupons online at www.facebook.com/cosmatsuri and delivering them to the booth to claim your deal.

Cosplay Matsuri also holds a Cosplay Auction where tons of merchandise will be auctioned off, some starting at just 1 Peso! There will also be a Storage Wars and a Mystery Box auction where you can grab rare finds at a bargain.

You can even buy Cosplay Carnival 2020 Plus Ultra Saver tickets at less than P100 a day only at the event. This is a steal as tickets to the annual Cosplay Carnival event usually sell at about P250 a day.

Cosplayer Guest

In partnership with Honokami-sama, Cosplay Matsuri will be bringing this awesome cosplay star from Hong Kong to the convention. Known for Nero Claudius and Scathhach of Fate Grand Order, Sword Maiden of Goblin Slayer, Eli Ayase of Love Live! and so much more, Olivie will be having photo and autograph sessions. Her exclusive merchandise will also be available and watch out for her performance on-stage.

Cosplay Galore

The awe-inspiring ambiance provides great photo opportunities, drawing some incredible cosplayers to Cosplay Matsuri. There are also some great contests involving cosplay such as the Dokuen Cosplay Competition, Doujin Group Cosplay and even the Anisong It Singing Contest.

Aside from seeing your favorite anime and game characters come to life, expect to see Japanese-themed western characters as well. Creativity is key to cosplay, after all, and Cosplay Matsuri is all taking this creativity to new heights.

The New CosplayMania.com

Cosplay Mania was definitely, what started it all. The groundbreaking event in 2008 continues to bring some of the best and brightest talents from Japan and the rest of the world to the Philippines. It was the flagship event that launched a universe of events like Cosplay Carnival, Anime and Cosplay Expo and, of course, Cosplay Matsuri.

As we approach a brand new decade, Cosplay Mania enters a new phase with CosplayMania.com. This website was designed from the ground up for Cosplayers, Photographers and Cosplay enthusiasts to connect, collaborate and inspire. Cosplay Matsuri 2019 will host the official launch party where you can learn about CosplayMania.com and find out how it plans to revolutionize how the Cosplay World communicates.

Cosplay Matsuri 2019 is happening on December 28, 29 and 30 at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

For more details, check out Cosplay Matsuri’s Official Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/cosmatsuri.

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