Cosplay community pays tribute to frontliners

A cover music video was released Wednesday night to pay tribute to the frontliners of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The video features several performers in the Philippine Cosplay History.

It includes ‘Naru’ Lee Ahorro, Envy Smith, Hao (AsianChickenFest/Moonspeak), Riah & Leah (DREAM Catchers/NIGHT Shifters), Kirby Agudelo (AsiaChickenFest), Diane Sabandeja, Hino Fujiwara, Chijuki & Sunny (CH4U), Kat Langomez, Kang & Satsuki (Seishun Kakumei), Tsukino Aoi, Fatima and Jen Rai ‘Kenkoy’ Cordero.

They performed a cover of the song titled “Hero Too” from the fourth season of My Hero Academia anime series. The song is originally performed by KYOKA JIRO starring Chrissy Costanza.

The video also includes several photos of COVID-19 frontliners, who continue to be our heroes amid this crisis

Watch the music video here:

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