9 Anime titles coming to Netflix this November

Nine anime titles will be available on Netflix streaming site starting this November in the Philippines.

These series are set to premiere starting this month according to the streaming site’s “Coming soon” section.

Check out the list below:

The Millionaire Detective Balance: Unlimited

Millionaire detective Daisuke Kambe and his ornery partner solve crimes by unconventional means after Kato joins a new, problematic police unit.

Release date: November 20

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Dr. Stone

Awakened into a world where humanity has been petrified, scientific genius Senku and his brawny friend Taiju use their skills to rebuild civilization.

Release date: November 20

My Hero Academia ‘Season 4

Feeling even more motivated after All Might retires, Izuku applies for an internship with an agency run by All Might’s former sidekick Sir Nighteye

Release date: November 20

Kono Oto Tomare! Sound of Life

The school delinquent and a gifted player join the near-defunct koto club, bringing it back to life. They soon have a new goal: to compete nationality.

Release date: November 20

How Many Kilograms are the Dumbbells You Lift

With her waistline slowly expanding, high schooler Sakura Hibiki decides to join the gym. But can she fit in among all the hardcore athletes?

Release date: November 20

Astra Lost in Space

In a future where space travel is a commonplace, nine children get flung over 5,000 light years away. Now they must make their way back — alone.

Release date: November 20

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Sakura Wars the Animation

In an alternate 1940s Japan where demon run amok, hope lies with giant robots and their pilots; determined young women disguised as a theater troupe

Release date: November 20


Shuichi Kagaya has a secret: he can transform into a giant costume character dog. But a ruthless girl plans to use him to accomplish her twisted goals.

Release date: November 20

Great Pretender ‘Part 2’

After their string of successful cons, Makoto leaves Laurent’s team. But the web of deceit binding them together goes further back than he knows

Release date: November 25

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