“Kentaro Hiyama’s First Pregnancy” manga gets a Netflix live-action adaptation

Netflix announced on Thursday that Eri Sakai’s Kentaro Hiyama’s First Pregnancy manga series is getting a live-action adaptation.

Under the Netflix title, “He’s Expecting“, the series is set to release globally in 2022 on the streaming platform.

The story takes place in a world where—in rare cases—men can conceive and give birth. Kentaro Hiyama, an elite ad man, suddenly finds out one day that he is pregnant. His partner, Aki Seto, never thought she would become a parent, so the two are at first confused by this unexpected event. As a pregnant man, Kentaro will face the scrutiny of the company and society, and will shed light on the hardships experienced by pregnant women. Challenged by many problems associated with modern pregnancy and childbirth, the two will have to face reality and make the ultimate decision: to have a baby or not.

The series will be directed by Yuko Hakoda and Takeo Kikuchi with Yoshitatsu Yamada writing the screenplay.

The cast members include Takumi Saitoh who will play the titular protagist Kentaro Hiyama and Juri Ueno as Kentaro’s partner Aki Seto

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