TRIGUN is getting a new anime series in 2023

After 25 years, the classic Trigun series is getting a new anime adaptation from Studio Orange.

The new anime is titled “Trigun Stampede” and it is set to release next year with an all-new staff and cast. Studio Orange’s previous work includes Beastars and Land of the Lustrous.

Crunchyroll reports that more information about the new Trigun series will be revealed at the series panel happening at Anime Expo 2022. Series creator Yasuhiro Nightow, Designer Kouji Tajima, Toho Producer Katsuhiro Takei, and Orange Producers Kiyotaka Waki and Yoshihiro Watanabe will attend the panel.

It also reports that it will be aired in several territories including the Philippines.

The previous Trigun anime series is based on a manga series by Yasuhiro Nightow. It was directed by Satoshi Nishimura with Takahiro Yoshimatsu as character designer. Madhouse produced the series.

It follows the story of Vash the Stampede, a famous gunman with a 60 billion bounty on his head.

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