Walküre to Release MacrossΔ Live Best Album “Absolute LIVE!!!!!” on May 17

Walküre, the tactical music unit from the TV anime MacrossΔ, announced the release of a MacrossΔ Live Best Album “Absolute LIVE!!!!!” during the recent Macross 40th anniversary YouTube livestream.

The album will feature 50 songs from their past five live performances, as well as rare and unreleased songs and special arranged versions. It will be released in three different forms: a Limited First Edition, a Standard Edition, and a First-Run Limited Production Edition.

The album will be released ahead of their final live tour in May 2023, marking the end of Walküre’s activities. Since their debut in 2016, the group has achieved numerous milestones in the world of anime music, winning the Japan Gold Disc Award for Animation Album of the Year and topping the Oricon and Billboard Japan weekly charts.

The Limited First Edition of the album includes a bonus Blu-ray featuring six previously unreleased music videos, while the First-Run Limited Production Edition includes a special limited-time distribution of “Walküre Reborn! End-of-Year Party at Victor Studio,” which was shown on the official FlyingDog YouTube channel on December 26, 2022, for just five days.

In a first for the Macross series, the jacket visuals for “Absolute LIVE!!!!!” will feature photographs taken by the Walküre members themselves, reflecting their immense popularity. The jacket visual is set to be released at a later date.

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