Otakuzine Anime Magazine announces relaunch at Mini Ozine Fest 2023

Otakuzine Anime Magazine is making a highly anticipated return, and anime enthusiasts can look forward to grabbing their copies exclusively at PSICOM Publishing Inc. Booth during the upcoming Mini Ozine Fest, which is scheduled on May 20-21 at SMX Convention Center Manila in Pasay City.

The relaunched magazine features a cosplayer gallery, showcasing the talents of famous cosplayers such as Ely Cosplay, Charess, Miho Cosplay, and Siutao.

The magazine’s cover also showcases the artwork of Chainsaw Man created by the talented artist Chano. Additionally, the relaunched Otakuzine Anime Magazine will highlight the craftsmanship of local cosplayers, including Cholo Tolentino, Ladymadestar, and Mercyuyu, who are well-known within the community.

Juries the Starblaizer and Leny Ming will also pay tribute to the Chainsaw Man anime with their Denji and Power cosplays, showcasing their passion and talent.

Anime enthusiasts are encouraged to join the festivities at Mini Ozine Fest to be among the first to acquire the relaunched Otakuzine Anime Magazine.

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