Hololive, PRISM Project & Independent VTubers to guest at Cosplay Mania 2023

Cosplay Mania 2023 has introduced its lineup of VTuber talents including those from the two renowned agencies: Hololive and PRISM Project.

The event, taking place from September 30 to October 1, 2023, at the SMX Convention Center in Manila, promises a sensational blend of creativity, music, and boundless enthusiasm.

The VTuber talents will grace the stage on separate days.

Day 1 Guests:

  • Rita Kamishiro from PRISM Project: Rita Kamishiro, a beacon of mental health awareness, weaves her message through music and more. As a cyber angel and mental health ambassador, her presence resonates with hope and strength, leaving an indelible impact.
  • Ami Amami from PRISM Project: Ami Amami’s insatiable curiosity and love for the changing seasons drive her journey to idolhood. Her original song, “Drops of Sunshine,” encapsulates her captivating voice and spirit. Ami’s leap towards stardom is a tale to embrace.
  • Mizuno Aki (Independent): Bridging reality and fantasy, Aki embodies the power of imagination. Born from humanity’s collective dreams, Aki’s adventures symbolize the transformative nature of creative expression. Prepare for an enchanting narrative that blurs the lines between worlds.
  • Shiki Miyoshino from PRISM Project: With a fascination for the occult, Shiki Miyoshino’s infectious energy and unique vocals set her apart. Her debut single, “hanahaki syndrome,” showcases her talent and charm. Witness her captivating performance that promises to linger in memory.

Day 2 Guests

  • Kaela Kovalskia from hololive ID: Stepping into her master’s blacksmithing shoes, Kaela Kovalskia yearns for excitement. On a quest for rare smithing materials, she embarks on an adventurous journey, even searching beneath an “idol group’s” dwelling. Kaela’s spirit of exploration promises to leave a lasting impression.
  • Vestia Zeta from hololive ID: A recruit of The Secret Archive Unit, Vestia Zeta, ventures into the virtual realm as a rookie. As V.7, she navigates challenges with resilience, embodying the essence of courage and determination. Her presence at the event is a testament to her dedication.
  • Kobo Kanaeru from hololive ID : Within the confines of a lighthouse’s highest room resides Kobo Kanaeru, an extraordinary heir to a lineage of powerful rain shamans. With an innate ability to control rain, Kobo aspires to break free from her destiny. As she takes the stage for Cosplay Mania’s JAM concert, her enchanting voice will resonate, captivating hearts.

Other Vtuber talents who will be performing in Cosplay Mania 2023’s mini JAM live concert are Hanami Arisa, Azashi, Kai Hoshimi, and reirei れいれい.

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