Maxion hosts 2nd Ragnarok Landverse Community Event with Exciting Game Content unveiled

Last October 28, Maxion held its second Ragnarok Landverse event, The Citizen Mingle, while unveiling exciting new game content. The event was a monumental success, uniting fans of the NFT game that fuses the classic MMORPG, Ragnarok Online, with blockchain technology.

Since its launch on September 20, Ragnarok Landverse has been a sensation among RO enthusiasts and web3 players worldwide. The community event brought together over a hundred players, creating an electric atmosphere. Notable attendees included influencers like YouJazz and Rodfil Macasero, guild leaders, and media representatives from Reimaru Files and Swirling over Coffee.

The CEO and Project Manager of Maxion, Mr. Shotiwan Wattanalarp, and Mr. Thanawat Udomvaranont graced the event with their presence, adding to the excitement. Players had the opportunity to gain insights into upcoming game content and participate in an engaging Ask-Me-Anything session.

Throughout the event, players enjoyed a series of activities and received in-game codes as rewards. The community spirit soared as players forged meaningful connections through mini-games and activities, embodying the essence of a game developer’s dream. With free food, refreshments, and up to US$2,000 worth of merchandise and giveaways, attendees are left with cherished memories.

The event transcended individual experiences, with players leaving as groups of citizens with newfound friendships. The Citizen Mingle is only the beginning for Ragnarok Landverse, as developers have promised more exciting events.

Ragnarok Landverse is a unique PC game that integrates classic MMORPG elements with blockchain features like the mining system, land system, and an NFT marketplace. It nurtures a player-driven economy and rewards those who progress in-game.

Stay updated with Ragnarok Landverse through their official website and social media channels. The community continues to thrive, offering a vibrant gaming ecosystem where players become a part of something bigger.

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