Intense action and Physical Sequences in Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween-Destiny

The cast and crew of Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween- Destiny went all out in physical effort and production for the film. One third of the entire two-parter is shot on what producer Shota Okada declares as, “The largest set in the history of Japanese cinema”. He’s also proud of the reproduction rate of the adaptation from the original work.  The large junkyard set is where the pivotal war between the Tokyo Manji gang and the Valhalla gang will commence.

Watch the trailer here:

The dialogue of the film is done almost entirely on set as well, as action director Yuta Morokaji wants to show off how the emotions of the characters play against the sharpness of the actions. He says, “There’s almost no dubbing”. The culmination of their work is filmed on the large junkyard set, which was scorching during the daytime. The cast and the staff jokingly claimed they were “hanging from wires and doing all-out action in the sauna.” 

Watch how their efforts produce thrilling action sequences as Tokyo Revengers 2: Bloody Halloween- Destiny is out in Philippine cinemas now.

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