Balangay Live introduces first sub-unit Marahuyo, inspired by Filipino folklore

A new wave of virtual entertainers is set to debut on February 17, 2024, as Balangay Live, an indie Vtuber collective, launches its first sub-unit, Marahuyo. The group consists of three Vtubers who draw inspiration from Philippine mythology and culture.

Vtubers, or virtual YouTubers, are online personalities who use anime-style avatars to stream various content, such as gaming, music, and comedy. The phenomenon has gained popularity in 2023, with several Filipino talents joining the ranks of global Vtuber companies like Nijisanji and Hololive.

Balangay Live, however, aims to showcase the rich and diverse stories of the Philippines through its original characters and lore. The collective, which was founded in 2023, currently has six members, each representing a different mythical creature or legend.

Marahuyo, the newest sub-unit, will add three more Vtubers to the roster, namely:

  • Haliya, the mistress of midnight, a gentle but fearsome manananggal from the talahiban, or grasslands. A manananggal is a winged creature that can detach its upper body from its lower half and prey on humans at night.
  • Alab, the melodic muse, an elusive and crafty songbird who refuses to be caged. Alab is based on the ibong adarna, a legendary bird whose songs have various magical effects, such as healing, enchanting, or putting people to sleep.
  • Majii, the maiden of misdirection, a beautiful diwata who’s just as lost as you are. A diwata is a fairy or nymph that lives in nature and can grant wishes or curses.

The three Vtubers will debut on their respective Twitch channels, starting with Haliya at 7:00 pm, followed by Alab at 8:00 pm and Majii at 9:00 pm. They will introduce themselves, interact with the viewers, and showcase their talents and personalities.

Balangay Live hopes to attract more fans and followers with their unique and creative approach to Vtubing. The collective also plans to collaborate with other Vtubers and content creators in the future, as well as produce original music and merchandise.

For more information, visit their official website at balangay.live or follow them on Twitter at @BalangayLive.

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