‘City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust’ hits SM Cinemas Nov 8

Ryo Saeba returns in the highly-anticipated anime film, “City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust,” set to hit SM Cinemas on November 8. The film marks the 35th-anniversary celebration of the anime series.

In this final chapter, Ryo Saeba, a skilled gunman known as a “sweeper,” takes on the city of Tokyo’s criminal underworld. The storyline is based on the latest manga finale, where Ryo confronts his dark past and faces a new breed of enemies enhanced with nanomachines called Angel Dust.

Ryo Saeba, alias City Hunter, is a versatile problem solver, ranging from bodyguard to contract killer. However, his involvement in a job depends on one crucial factor – the presence of a beautiful woman. Alongside Kaori Makimura, his late best friend Hideyuki’s younger sister, Ryo battles the evil lurking in the city’s shadows.

The film kicks off with Ryo and Kaori taking on a seemingly straightforward mission to help Angie find her lost cat while touring the city. Kaori keeps a watchful eye on Ryo’s advances towards Angie to keep him on track. Meanwhile, Saeko Nogami from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, assisted by Umibozu and Miki, investigates a dark technology designed to create superhuman soldiers. This technology is a sinister evolution of Angel Dust, the substance responsible for Ryo’s partner’s death.

Upon its release in Japan, the movie claimed the top spot at the box office and has already grossed over $6 million domestically. Anime and movie enthusiasts can anticipate an action-packed adventure and even enjoy surprise appearances by their favorite anime characters.

From Encore Films, “City Hunter The Movie: Angel Dust” is distributed by Warner Bros. It is set to premiere exclusively at SM Cinemas on November 8.

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