About Us

Founded in 2011, ANIMEPH Project or simply ANIMEPH is an anime news blogsite based in the Philippines. It provides news and relevant knowledge about the upcoming anime, Japanese pop culture events, or any Japanese culture-inspired topics in the country.

Our goal is to connect people together through the appreciation of Japanese anime and pop-culture.

With over a million site views, 100 thousands likes in the Facebook page and more than 3 thousands followers in Twitter, ANIMEPH is viewed by various readers inside and outside the country, including USA, Germany, Indonesia, and many more.

Due to this wide following, the site was awarded as “Best Otaku Blog” in the Otaku Choice Awards in 2014. It has been nominated once again for “Best Otaku Blog” in 2019.

For more information, visit us at animephproject.com, Facebook  facebook.com/ANIMEPH and Twitter http://twitter.com/ANIMEPHProject.