“Gabriel Dropout,” “BanG Dream” to air on ANIMAX same day as Japan


ANIMAX Asia has announced on their official website that anime television network will air Gabriel Dropout and Bang Dream this January same day as Japan.

Gabriel Dropout premieres on January 9th, airing every Monday at 11PM.


An angel at the top of an angel school has descended to the human world! However, she has been acclimating herself to the life of the human world so much that she ends up leading a self-indulgent life, skipping school all the time and being absorbed in online games. Gabriel soon forgets about her original goal to make human beings happy and has turned into a lazy and hopeless angel, or a “sloppy angel” in short. Amazingly, she swears to continue to fully enjoy the pleasure of various entertainments of the human world.


BanG Dream premieres on January 22nd, airing every Sunday at 8:30PM.

Just like the sparkling sound “Star Beat” that she heard while looking up at the starry skies when she was young, Kasumi Toyama has been searching for something that would excite and make her heart go pit-a-pat.

After getting into high school, Kasumi comes across a star-shaped guitar in an old pawnshop. It is this fateful meeting that evokes the emotions that have been locked up within Kasumi.

Teaming up with four other girls who, like Kasumi, dream of a place that can make them shine, the five of them work towards realising their musical dream.

ANIMAX is available in the Philippines on SkyCable/Destiny Cable channel 46 and Cignal TV channel 73.