“Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterun Da.” to be screened at Eigasai 2017


The Japan Foundation, Manila revealed on Sunday, during O-kun Fiesta 3, some of the titles that will be screened at the Eigasai 2017.

In celebration of its 20th year, Japan Foundation is planning to bring 20 films, from animation, drama, comedy, documentrary to horror. Among the revealed titles were The Sting of Death (1990), Memories of You (1988), Departures (2008) and this year’s feature film Her Love Boils Bathwater (2016).


Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterun Da. (The Anthem of the Heart), is selected to be the anime movie which will screen during this year’s film festival. Another anime film is likely to be added as well, with the details to be announced later.

Eigasai 2017 will be shown at the Cultural Center of the Philippines on July 1 and 2, Shang Cineplex Cinema on July 6 to 16 and UP Film Institute on August 16 and 19.

The opening ceremonies is set on July 6 and it will be graced by the director of this year’s feature film, Ryota Nakano.

Admission is free in CCP and UP Film Institute while a Php100 will be charged at Shang Cineplex Cinema.

For updates and schedule, check out the official JFF Eigasai Facebook page.