“Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game” leaked clips prompt distributor to issue plea to movie goers

Film distributor ODEX Private Limited has issued a plea to movie goers on Thursday regarding┬áthe leaked clips of the Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game. The leaked clip, which is up to 8 minutes long was uploaded to Youtube and traced back to Malaysia.

Check out their post after the jump:


Dear all,

It has come to our attention that there are a few handphone recordings of KUROKO BASKET movie being posted on YouTube, and we have traced the leaks (up to 8 min) recording to be from Malaysia.

While we are still trying to re-build the trust with Japanese copyright owners from the previous SAO leak, now our anime community have taken another beating on credibility.

Before 2010, we can only envy Taiwan & Hong Kong having all the best anime movies while we have none.

Today, we get to enjoy the fruit accumulated from 7 years of anime community support:

(1) All the best anime movies from Japan

(2) Early cinema release within 1-2 months from Japan’s cinema release

(3) Exclusive Fan’s Screening movie premiums & Signature Cards where other countries (even Taiwan & Hong Kong) do not have.

The irresponsible minority is jeopardizing our privileges and movie enjoyment. We need your help to put a halt to such wrongdoing that is detrimental to future anime movie releases.

If you see someone recording the movie with their handphone, please tell them to stop and delete it.

If you see a noble fan confronting someone recording with their handphone, please lend support and voice out the act of wrong-doing.

If the person refuse to delete the video recorded, please inform the cinema staff, video recording in cinema is a criminal offence in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia & Philippines.

With your help, we would be able to build up our credibility again, as we have done before, we will be able to continue putting up the best anime movie cinemas.

The distributor has also issued similar statement regarding the leaked clips of Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale last February.

Kuroko’s Basketball The Last Game movie opened in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines this month. Movie screening in Indonesia and Vietnam will be announced soon.