Event Report – SPYAIR Live in Manila at The Best of Anime 2017



Photo from SPYAIR Twitter account (@spyairstaff)

Before their much anticipated live concert at the Ongaku Fest, fans had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet their beloved rock band, SPYAIR during the fan meet session held at Meeting Room 7-9 last September 9.



Fans were so thrilled to finally meet the band face-to-face that they could hardly contain their screams when the members entered the room.

SPYAIR during their first public appearance at The Best of Anime 2017After a brief introduction, fans were given a chance to approach the microphone and ask their questions to the band.

The band was asked about their impression of the Philippines and their favorite Filipino food. Since the group has just arrived a few hours prior to the meet and greet, they admit they haven’t had the chance to go around and/or eat Filipino food. As it was also their first time in the Philippines, they felt surprised at how everyone made them feel very welcome.

Curious fans were eager to know the secret behind the magic in SPYAIR’s songs. One fan pointed out how the band would add different musical genres like jazz and metal with rock music to create their own musical style. They revealed that they always challenge themselves whenever they create music. Sometimes when they make an anisong, they would read the source material (ex: manga) to find inspiration for the song. This was the case when they created the song “Imagination”, which was the theme song of the anime, Haikyuu. They give their best effort to make sure fans will hear a well made song. They also encouraged their fans to keep listening to their music.

SPYAIR was also asked about their plans for the upcoming 2019 Tokyo Dome concert and if a world tour is being planned in the near future. They replied that as of now, they are busy preparing and promoting their concert through CD launchings, gigs, and attending fan meets. There are no plans for a world tour yet, but if the Philippine concert becomes successful, maybe they can come back again to the Philippines for another concert.

After the Q&A, fans approached the band one-by-one to have their official merchandise signed. Fans also left gifts for the band members. These gifts were collected by the staff in a separate box, to be given to the band after the event. It includes fansigns, member’s fanart and several letters.

When the autograph session ended, fans were invited to have a group photo with the band.

Six groups, composed of 15 members, waited patiently for their turn to take a pose behind the band and have their group picture taken by the band’s official photographer.

Finally, the fan meet comes to an end. SPYAIR thanks the fans with a bow, and invites them to watch the concert. Fans expressed their love and also said their thanks as the band waved their farewells.


The much awaited SPYAIR concert happened the following day at the Ongaku Fest. Hundreds of fans lined up for the concert even if it was till a few hours early before the doors opened at 6pm. They lined up in an orderly manner as they were ushered to their respective areas (VIP or Gen Ad). Fans obliged to the strict rules implemented by the staff, allowing a faster flow of traffic into the concert hall.

The concert was held in Function Room 1 where it provided an intimate setting that even the fans in the Gen Ad area can see what was going on the stage.

ANIMAX mascots, Oo-kun and Chuchu made a brief appearance minutes before the concert began. Lucky fans in the VIP area were able to see the guest cosplayers Reika, Yuegene Fay, Liu and Hana as they entered the room and took a seat in front of the stage area.

Excited screams filled the room a few minutes later as Ike, Uz, Momiken and Kebta went up the stage. SPYAIR performed twelve songs which includes songs from hit anime series Bleach (Last Moments), Gintama (Samurai Heart), Haikyu!! (Imagination, I’m A Believer), and Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans (Rage of Dust). Other songs include OverloadGenjou Destruction, FirestarterWendy -It’s You-Last MomentSakura Mitsutsuki and Rockin’ Out.

Fantasy idol group Starmarie, still fresh from their autograph signing, also came in a few minutes later and watched the band as they rocked out on the stage.

For the encore, SPYAIR obliged to the fans’ request and sang Singin’, the 3rd track of their first major single LIAR.

Even though SPYAIR can only converse in Nihonggo, they took time to practice a few Filipino words. Gans cheered in appreciation and delight when Ike, the vocalist asked “Kamusta?” or when he said “kanta” when referring to the next song. And finally after the encore, they said “Maraming Salamat”. They bowed to the audience afterwards, thanking them for supporting the concert.

The Best of Anime organizer, Irene Lloren went up the stage after the encore to thank SPYAIR for their awesome performance. She also gave them a banner filled with messages from the Filipino fans. Each band member thanked the organizers as well and gave her a hug.

Thanks to The Best of Anime 2017 organizers for allowing ANIMEPH to cover the SPYAIR’s Fan Meet and concert.