Movie distributor calls anime fans for help amid “No Game No Live” movie leak

Singapore-based movie distributor Odex Private Limited has released a statement in relation with the movie leak of the anime movie No Game No Life: Zero posted on social media last weekend.

The said individual illegally records parts of the movie using a hand phone and shared it live on Facebook.


In a statement, ODEX said: “This breach of trust has greatly threatened the relationship between Japanese copyright owners, ODEX, GSC Movies and GSC Cinemas.” Screenshots of the live recording were posted along with the statement.

Furthermore, ODEX calls anime fans for help to stop illegal recording in cinemas. This is by raising their voice and alerting the cinema manager if they spot suspicious activities during the movies.

The distributor has also issued similar statement regarding the leaked clips of Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale last February and Kuroko No Basket: Last Game last May.