LOOK: “Naruto Run” event held at UP Los Baños


Hundred of students gathered together at the University of the Philippines Los Baños Freedom Park to witness and take part of the “Naruto Run” event held last Tuesday, September 26.

Participants ran through the Freedom Park grounds with their bodies tilted forward and arms stretched back, a unique running style that was popularized by the anime series, Naruto. Some participants paid further homage to the series by wearing forehead protectors or cosplaying as “Boruto’s Dad” and the Akatsuki.


According to the event page, 4.7k people were interested in attending the event.

The event may have been inspired by the WikiHow article “Run Like Naruto” which discussed the details on how to re-enact the popular running style. It became a viral social media trend called “Naruto Run” where fans gathered to run like their favorite anime character. The trend had increased in popularity since August 2017 as more and more fans had been creating and organizing Naruto Run events in Facebook.

Anime news blog Kotaku also reported several Naruto Run events happening all over the world.

There will be another Naruto run event happening at UP Diliman Acad Oval this Friday.