Event Report: Konomi Suzuki Asia Tour in the Philippines


Last Saturday, anisong artist Konomi Suzuki or “Konomin” as known by her fans, performed live for the first time in Manila during Cosplay Mania’s Japanese Anime Music (JAM) concert at SMX Convention Center in Manila. The live performance is part of her Asia Tour, which includes Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Konomi started her career as a music artist after winning first prize at the All Japan Anisong Grand Prix in 2011. There after, her career shoot off as one of the well-known anisong singers, performing over various anime and game titles in the past 6 years.


Her latest album “No Song No Life” featuring the song “There is a Reason” was released last July 12, 2017. The song was used as the theme song of the “No Game No Life: Zero” movie


Prior to the concert, a short interview session took place at the Cosplay Mania main stage, giving her Filipino fans a glimpse into the life of a anisong singer.

One of the questions asked about how she had felt when she heard her song played in an anime for the first time. Konomi happily recalled how she was moved hearing her song in an anime for the first time. She even watched it with her family.

When asked about her most unforgettable moment when singing her songs, she revealed that it would be when she is meeting her fans and singing Japanese songs with them. She was delighted to see that she has so many Filipino fans, and some even prepared a flower stand to welcome her.

Since a lot of people are curious on how Japanese singers take care of their voice, she was asked if she has any advice or special regimen that she follows before any concert. She admits that she doesn’t have any special voice regimen, but she always gargles and drinks plenty of water to prepare herself for a concert.

She admits that it was her first time in the Philippines and she is really happy to be here. She was surprised to hear the loud cheering from the crowd when the short video of anisong singers were presented onscreen. She thinks Filipino fans are very energetic, making her even more excited for the concert happening later that evening.


The crowd went wild at the moment she stepped on the stage. Armed with lightsticks, they joined Konomi as she sang her first song, Ginsen no Kaze (OP theme – Madan no Ou to Vanadis). Konomi continued her performance with more anisongs Chaos Syndrome (Chaos;Child) and Redo (Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu).

From @suzuki_konomin Twitter account

Other songs performed were Join Us (one of the songs in her single Blowout*), Days of Dash (Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo), Blow out (Rokudenashi Majutsu Koshi to Akashic Records), There is a Reason (No Game No Life Zero), Absolute Soul (Absolute Duo), Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui, Beat your Heart (BBK/BRNK*) and This Game (No Game, No Life).

Even after 11 songs, the audience still couldn’t get enough of Konomi Suzuki. Almost as soon as she stepped out of the stage, the audience began to yell out “EN-KO-RE” (Encore). Later on the shouts became “KO-NO-MI” until everyone was calling out her name.

The crowd cheered when she came back on-stage the second time and indulging the audience’s request by singing three more songs: Zannenkei Rinjbu Hoshi Futatsuhan by Tomodachi Tsukuratai, Love is My Rail from Ange Vierge and finally Zenbu Kimi ga Ita Kara Shittanda, one of the song of her 3rd album “lead.”

From @suzuki_konomin Twitter account

Together with the guitarist Nara and bassist Sakurai, who both performed on-stage with her, they gave a deep bow to the audience as a thank you for being a part of her first concert in the Philippines. Konomi asked the audience to come together for a group photo. This was later posted in her official Twitter account together with some words of gratitude to her Filipino fans. Signed posters were also distributed as concert souveniers to the lucky fans.

*corrected 10/2