Horie Mitsuko returns to Manila for Voltes V event this December


Veteran voice actress and singer Horie Mitsuko was reported returning to the Philippines for an event this December.

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According to an article by Animeanime.jp, she will be giving a live performance at a Voltes V fan event scheduled on December 10, 2017 in the Philippines.


The event is connected with the 40th anniversary celebration of Choudenji Machine Voltes V anime.

It planned to have activities such as Karaoke contest, art contests, etc. It will also have a 5-km course where a character marathon is set to happen.

The venue was not announced yet but it will be decorated just like in the Voltes V anime series.

Japanese company Tokyo Gets will be organizing the said fan event. Similar events were also held in Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand.

Voltes V was popular anime series in Philippines in 1980s. It made several re-runs on Philippine television, the last was on March 2017 on GMA 7.