Anonymous Noise anime to air on Animax Asia this December


ANIMAX Asia has announced through a promotional video that Spring 2017 anime Anonymous Noise will air on the channel this December.

Anonymous Noise will premiere on December 11, airing double episodes, every Monday and Tuesday at 8PM.


It tells a story of Nino Arisugawa, a girl with an amazing singing talent. Her life takes a turn after her neighbor and first love, Momo, moves away. Later on she meets the young composer, Yuzu, who renews her love for singing. Unfortunately, Yuzu also had to part ways. Both boys made a childhood promise to Nino that they will find her once more through her singing voice. Filled with renewed hope with this promise, Nino continues to sing her heart out.

Nino enters highschool six years later and reunites with Yuzu, who is one of the members of the masked band In NO Hurry to Shout. He asks her to become the vocalist of their band to help fulfill her dream of reaching Momo, who is now a professional composer despite being a highschool student for the same school. 

Anime series My Hero Academia and Assassination Classroom will also have a marathon airing next month. My Hero Academia marathon-run will air on December 23 and 24 at 2PM while  Assassination Classroom marathon-run will air on December 30 and 31 at 2PM.

ANIMAX is available in the Philippines on SkyCable/Destiny Cable channel 46 and Cignal TV channel 73.