New HERO TV no longer airs anime


In a statement released on Thursday, a day after its comeback online, HERO has announced that they will no longer air anime titles anymore.

The former channel will instead focus on producing anime, pop culture and gaming contents through its digital platforms which includes their website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.


HERO’s social media accounts have released a series of posts hinting its revival.

Here is their statement after the jump.

Many anime fans have been hoping for the return of HERO after the channel bid goodbye last January 31. Fans were puzzled as to what is next for the anime authority as it started posting hints of its comeback online a few days ago.

With the proliferation of social media and the continuous evolution of the digital space, these trends presented opportunities for different institutions to easily reach individuals around the world. HERO has recognized the power of digital media in its continuous pursuit to deliver contents for anime and pop culture enthusiasts; hence, it embarked a new journey as a digital hub.

The new HERO format will produce anime, pop culture and gaming contents through its various digital platforms. HERO will utilize its website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages to deliver the freshest news and updates for its avid followers. Despite its departure from television, HERO will still be able to deliver stories that fans would love through the digital space. Note that HERO will not be airing anime titles anymore.

HERO has currently 301,975 likes on Facebook, 5,445 followers on Twitter and 3,857 followers on Instagram as of this writing. HERO promises to deliver top quality contents for its avid followers and become the ultimate go-to for anything anime, pop culture and gaming-related articles and videos. HERO looks forward to increasing its followers over time to cater to more people online.

As HERO embarks a fresh journey, we hope that you fans will support us in this new direction. As we move forward, we hope you will help us propel to greater heights.

This is HERO, now on digital.