FurryPinas 2018: What to expect in one of the most unique conventions of the year?


(Press Release) This is not your typical convention. FurryPinas 2018 is something that is unique and something that you should make sure that you attend. The event which is a celebration of everything Furry in fandom, hobby and pop culture is happening on May 19-20 at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia, Pasay City.


We would like to give you a brief FurryPinas 2018 walkthrough so that you will know what to expect.  Remember that this event is the first in South East Asia and the biggest in the Philippines.

Ever wonder what the furry hobby is?  Furries, in brief, are any animal characters which have been given a human-like personality. The hobby can be in the form of arts, literature, games, shows, toys, and many more. It is not a dog show nor is it a scientific convention but in fact a pop culture convention for the love of furries.

The Great Furry Cosplay Contest. This is the first time in the Philippines that a cosplay competition is focusing on characters which are furries.  What’s even unique is that they give additional points to creativity and unique depictions of said characters, like neko-ified or mecha versions.  You can come-in as Beerus from Dragon Ball, Kurama from Naruto or even one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Special Guests. Catch some of cool guests like Bapogichi from Buhay Kolehiyo and Pocari Roo, an Australian furry fan and full-time YouTuber with over 100 videos on her channel and over 50,000 subscribers

Games and Activities. Come and play with various games at the Gamers Den which features various furry games in various consoles from the 80’s to the present times. We also have Tabletop Area which features various board and card games with furry characters. Various social games and activities happen around the event too!

Talks, Panels, and Workshops. Not only is FurryPinas 2018 where you can have fun and games; but also learn or exchange ideas with fellow attendees. FurryPinas has over 20 of these talks, panels, and workshops.

Furade.  Suit up in your Fursuit and join the first ever Parade of Furries in the Philippines.  Get to be with other fursuiters and let others know how fun it is to be one.

Great Finds at the Dealers Den.  We have tons of booths to cater to the hobby.  These includes merchandise booths and even indie booths.  If you are looking for hard to find or personalized items then you might just get it here.

The Furry Tailent Show.  If you are into the Furry Hobby and want to showcase your talents and skills then this is the right time.  The stage is set and the audience are ready.



What Areas Can You Visit at FurryPinas 2018?

FurryPinas 2018 got so much in store for you, like talks, panels, performances, contests and many, many more waiting for you at the convention.  Activities at the 2-day convention will be divided into six areas.  All of these areas have different engaging activities in store for you.

Join the Furade, where you can join fellow Furries in the first ever parade of its kind or be part of the Fursuit Photo wall at the LOBBY during the opening day of the convention.  Watch the various main events and competitions at the MAIN STAGE.

For those who want to have more personal engagement with others through various activities and discussions then come visit the ACTIVITY AREA.  There will also be a PANEL ROOM where various discussions together with selected guest speakers will happen.  You can even join more personal discussions at the ROUNDTABLE ROOM.

If you are a gamer then explore either the TABLE TOP AREA for board and card games or the GAMER’S DEN where you can relieve retro games and even join the tournament.

What are you waiting for?  Get your tickets now and be part of this very unique event of the year – FurryPinas 2018. Tickets are available online at www.furrypinas.com or at SM Cinema/Ticket booths nationwide.