Furry Pinas 2018 listed as one of the largest furry conventions in the world

The recently concluded Furry Pinas 2018 has been listed as one of the largest furry convention in the world by attendance according to community-based website Wikifur.com.

As of writing, the inaugural event ranked first in the largest number of attendees in Asia with 1,542 attended the event. Topping the overall list is last year’s Midwest Furfest in Illinois with 8,771 attendees followed by Athrocon 2017 in Pennsylvania with 7,544. Furry Pinas is ranked 12th.


On their Facebook page, the organizers thanked everyone including the staff, volunteers, indie artists, sponsors, and exhibitors who supported the event.

“We believe that the furry hobby is for anyone who wants to be interested in it. Our vision and mission for it is to make the furry hobby accessible and relatable to anyone – be it in the form of fursuiting, arts, cosplaying, music, games, toys, anime, movies, shows, literature, and anything people can imagine of! The furry content is found everywhere, in various forms of media, culture, and for all ages. To achieve the vision and mission we have, we created FurryPinas.” they further added.

The event was held last May 19-20 at SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.