STARMARIE open to collaborate with local idol groups


Japanese fantasy idol group Starmarie had once again captivated their fans in Manila during The Best of Anime, which was held last August 25-26 at the SMX Convention Center Manila.

Starmarie with Primetrade Asia Inc. President Irene Lloren

Having performed several times in the Philippines, Starmarie has become one of the favorite Japanese idol groups by many Filipino fans. Among the attendees were several Japanese fans who flew all the way from their country just to watch their performance here in Manila.


In two days, the group performed several songs, most of them are from their latest albums Fantasy World IV which includes Start the Devil, Hey! My Sister, Wife should not see Hyde, La Campanella and Fantasy World for You. They also held handshake sessions at their booth during the course of the event.

The fans had a chance to get up close and personal with Nozomi (Non-chan), Shino (Shinohamu) , Monya, Hiroka (Hiichan) and Kaede (Kae-chan) in the meet and greet held on August 26.

In the Q and A session, each fan was allowed to ask a question to the group.  One fan took the opportunity to ask the group about their experiences here in the Philippines. They happily shared that they loved riding the roller coaster in Star City, drinking Mogu Mogu, and eating various Filipino dishes like banana cue and adobong kangkong.

But when Non-chan was asked for her response on her favorite Filipino food, she gleefully shouted “Jollibee!” then shook her hips in imitation of the mascot’s signature move. The audience roared in delight as the other girls mimicked Non-chan with her Jollibee dance.

One fan also asked if given an opportunity, would Starmarie be open to the idea of a collaboration performance with a local artist like a band or idol group. Shinohamu answered that they are open to the idea and would like to someday perform together with other local artists, particularly MNL48.

Idol groups became part of Philippine pop culture as the AKB48’s sister group, MNL48 was being established. Several indie idol groups had risen out of this growing trend including Aidoru Sozai, CH4U, Seishun Kakumei, and many others.

As experienced performers in the industry, Starmarie was also asked if they have any advise for the local idol groups. In response, Monya advised that idols should always think about their fans whenever they perform or create songs.

The meet and greet ended with the girls giving a closing message to their fans. The group took this chance to thank their local fans for supporting them since they first came in the Philippines last 2013. The Philippines has become a special country for the group which is why they would like to come back again whenever they have the opportunity to do so.

Non-chan held out her pinky finger to the audience

“We will be sure to come back again many, many times. That’s a promise,” Shinohamu told the fans. Non-chan held out her pinky finger to the audience as she said this as a common gesture when the Japanese makes a promise.