IBC 13 plans to re-air classic anime titles


Local television network Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation (IBC 13) is planning to re-air classic anime titles on the channel.

President and CEO Katherine De Castro announced on Wednesday that a meeting with producers of said classic anime series is scheduled next week in hopes to air them again on the channel. Details such as the anime titles and broadcast details will be announced on a later date.


IBC 13 previously aired several anime series in the 1990s, which includes Dragon Ball, Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghostfighter) and Voltes V.

Aside from anime, there are plans to re-air Filipino classic shows. This includes some of the channel’s popular entertainment and cultural shows and; documentary and current affairs programs from its sister station People’s Television Network.

This is part of the on-going revamp of channel’s programming which is scheduled this year.

Intercontinental Broadcasting Corporation is one of the television broadcasting arm of the Philippine government.

ERRATUM: It was mentioned that Flame of Recca previously aired in IBC. It initially aired on a different network, not IBC.