Osomatsu-san The Movie gets Philippine release


Yoichi Fujita and Studio Pierrot’s anime film featuring the eccentric sextuplets will be released soon in Philippine theaters.

Odex Private Ltd, a Singapore-based distribution company, has streamed the movie trailer of Osomatsu-san The Movie on its Facebook page. The company has yet to announce the exact date of release but it may be released around June 2019.


Apart from the Philippines, the movie will also be shown in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

The movie is based on a classic manga series by Fujio Akatsuka named Osomatsu-kun. The movie’s story follows the sextuplets when they were suddenly traveled back in time to met their 18-year-old self during high school.

The film is set to be released in Japan this March 15.

Odex will also release the live-action Touken Ranbu film soon.