LOOK: PH flag personified into a handsome samurai


Japanese website World Flags added on Wednesday a new anthropomorphized flag on their line-up, the Philippine flag.

In a tweet, World Flags named him ‘Rizal’ after the country’s national hero. He is also a member of the ASEAN.


He is fitted with a samurai armor featuring the flag colors. The website described the armor as “Maharurika.” He is also equipped with three weapons: a rifle on one hand, a magic fan on the other and a ‘katana’ at the back.

Apart from the Philippines, other flag such as Malaysia and Belgium were recently added to the website. Vietnam’s anthropomorphized flag will be released soon.

According to the website, World Flags was created to promote the Tokyo 2020 Olympics by promoting ‘gijinka’. It is a Japanese term use of creating human-like characters based on non-human subject such as inanimate objects, animals, brand, etc.

Apart from the origins of the national flag and its symbolism, the website also presents details about the history and culture of the country.