Japanese arcade AR game ‘Hado’ launched in PH


ABS-CBN introduced on Thursday a new team sport that merges the fun of dodgeball with energy balls and shields.

Called Hado Pilipinas, it is a local adaptation of Hado, an arcade augmented reality game developed from Japan.


Hado, which means ‘vibration’ in Japanese, is basically a PVP game where players fire energy ball at their enemies to score within a time limit. The players are able to do to this due virtual reality devices the players are wearing. Players can also dodges the energy balls and setup shields.

Apart from the Philippines, the game has been introduced to several countries such as China, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Spain, Russia, United Kingdom and USA.

ABS-CBN also announced that a facility for enthusiasts and curious Filipinos will soon be opened at their compound in the last quarter of 2019.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association has already introduces the new ‘technosport’ in their events this season, where the winning team will represent the country at the Hado World Cup 2019 in December at Tokyo, Japan.

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