The Best of Anime celebrates its 10th year anniversary


One of the biggest, most exciting and diverse anime conventions in the Philippines is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this weekend. The Best of Anime is returning August 31-September 1 at Function Room 3 and 4, SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Back in 2009, The Best of Anime started as a co-located event of the country’s longest-running book fair, the Manila International Book Fair. The event aims to promote Japanese Pop Culture through education, exhibition and entertainment. Throughout the years, it slowly established its position in the anime scene earning its claim as one of the biggest anime conventions in the country.


During the past years, the event was graced by several well-known international guests. Among these were famous cosplayers, such as Reika from Japan, Yuegene Fay from Thailand, Mon and Misa Chiang, who are both from Taiwan, and several distinguished artists from Japan, including SPYAIR, An Café, INKT, Eir Aoi and Haruna Luna.

For this year’s 10th edition, The Best of Anime has invited some of the biggest local and international cosplayers: Kiyo and Inchigo from Singapore and our own Dianne from the Philippines

Returning to The Best of Anime are some of the event’s favorites: local idol group Aidoru Sozai, Japanese fantasy idol group STARMARIE, who made their debut performance at the same event 6 years ago and Japanese visual kei rock band UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ, popularly known for their rendition of Kamikazee’s hit song Narda.

The Best of Anime 2019

They are also bringing a new Japanese Orthodox Royal Road Idol Group, YUMEOI SYOUJYO and the creator of the theme songs of several anime series, which include Air Gear, Murder Princess OVA, Eyeshield 21, Fairy Tail and Gundam Build Fighters, BACK-ON.

Some of the event’s highlights are its popular competitions, including All-Star Cosplay Competition, Anime Idol Dance Battle, Anime Sing-off and Battle of the Bands, the exciting roster of exhibits and the all the awesome prizes.

The Best of Anime 2019 is happening on August 31-September 1, 2019 at the SMX Convention Center. Tickets are available at the event for Php380 per day.