Fate/stay night: Heaven Feels III, Uta no Princesama: Maji LOVE Kingdom coming soon in PH


Odex Private Limited announced on Wednesday that two more anime movies are set to hit local cinemas in a few months.

The Singapore-based company announced that they are set to release Utano☆Princesama Maji LOVE Kingdom, the first feature film based on the popular visual novel game franchise by Brocolli. The company has yet to announced its release date but it has already premiered in Japan last June 2019


The other film is Fate/stay night: Heaven Feels III. spring song, the third and last film of the Fate/stay night: Heaven Feels trilogy. The film will be released in local cinemas next year, Odex unveiled in a separate Facebook post.

Fate/stay night: Heaven Feels I and II premiered in the country last 2018 and earlier this year, respectively

The two films are also set to release in other countries in the South East Asia region like Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

For more updates, visit the Odex Philippines Facebook page.