“Zombie Land Saga” coming to ANIPLUS Asia on August 6


ANIPLUS Asia announced on Sunday that it is going to air Zombie Land Saga anime on Thursday.

The series will start to air on August 6, airing every Thursday and Friday at 4:30 PM, with encore run at 10:30 PM on the same day.


Zombie Land Saga is an original anime series between Avex Pictures and Cygames, and is produced by MAPPA.

The series tells a story of Sakura Minamoto, who dreams of becoming an idol singer. Unfortunately, she is killed by a truck on the morning she plans to submit an idol application. Ten years later, Sakura, along with six “legendary” girls from various eras of Japan’s history, are brought back as zombies by a man named Kotaro Tatsumi, who seeks to revitalize Saga Prefecture by putting together an all-zombie idol group known as Franchouchou.

It was aired in Fall 2018 in Japan.

ANIPLUS Asia is available on local cable television via Skycable and over-the-top video streaming site Sky-on-Demand.

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