Muse Asia to stream “Servamp” anime


MUSE Asia announced on Monday its plans to stream “SERVAMP” starting this Tuesday.

The company will be streaming the anime series starting on Tuesday, September 8, with episodes uploaded daily at 8PM.


SERVAMP is based on a manga series by Strike Tanaka. The anime adaptation was released Summer 2016 in Japan.

Muse Asia describes the series as follows:

Mahiru Shirota dislikes difficult things, preferring to live a simple life. But after rescuing a cat he names Kuro, life takes a turn for the complex. Kuro turns out to be a servamp—a servant vampire, named Sleepy Ash and the two form a contract. Kissing his simple life goodbye, Mahiru is pulled into the world of vampires, the seven deadly Servamps, and war. Life couldn’t be more complicated!

For more details, visit their official Youtube channel.