Muse Asia adds “Rail Romanesque” & “Eagle Talon: Golden Spell”


Muse Asia announced on Saturday its plans to add two more anime titles for its Fall 2020 Simulcast line-up.

The two anime series are “Rail Romanesque” and “Eagle Talon: Golden Spell”.


Rail Romanesque is a twelve 5-minute anime shorts of digital novel brand Lose’s Maitetsu game. The series’ story sets in Hinomoto, a fictional version of Japan, where for a long time railway travel served as the most important form of transport.

The series will start streaming on October 3, Saturday at 1:05 AM.

Eagle Talon: Golden Spell is the latest anime series in the Eagle Talon franchise. The story continues when the Eagle Talon organization successfully discovers the ancient “Golden Spell,” which allows one to control people’s will with a single word. However, the spell and the program that is developing it are stolen.

It will premiere on October 5, Monday at 1:15 AM.

The titles will be available to viewers in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia and Bhutan.

For more details, visit their official Youtube channel.