6 Anime titles to air on ANIPLUS Asia this Fall


Six new anime series will be airing on ANIPLUS Asia starting this October.

These series are set to premiere starting this month as part of its Fall anime 2020 simulcast.


Here is the list:

1. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? III

Synopsis: Labyrinth City Orario—The hottest spot in the world where adventurers dive into the realm of the unknown and where gods are whelmed with excitement. Beneath the heart of this city lies the “Dungeon”—the great depths that brings limiteless wealth and luxuries, along with looming chaos. A lone moster is born within the abyss.

“Where… am I…?”

An unprecedented situation revolving around a dragon girl who speaks the human tongue is impending. Human and monster. Breaking through all common sense and values, a decisive moment arrives for adventurer Bell Cranel and his goddess, Hestia. This is the Familia Myth about the mystery of the dungeon, recorded by a young man and his goddess.

Premiere date: October 2, 24:30.

2. HYPNOSISMIC-Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima

Synopsis: A full third of the world’s population has been lost in the Third World War. Fearing for the collapse of the human species, the world’s leaders attempt to resolve the conflict with debate instead of more war––however; the foolish men in power failed to stop the violence. Thus, at the end of the common era, the world as it has existed is brought to a close by the hands of women.

The dawn of the H. Era. All weaponized conflict has been eliminated. Conflict is no longer solved by the use of crude traditional weapons, but specialized microphones that directly affect the mind. Lyrics recited through the device act on a target’s nervous system and can have a variety of different effects.

The name of this new technology: the Hypnosis Microphone.

Year 3 of the H. Era. Now a person’s worth is measured by their rap skills. Men are forced to live outside the CHU-OH-KU in areas called Divisions––Ikebukuro Division, Yokohama Division, Shibuya Division, and Shinjuku Division among them. One crew represents each Division to battle it out and expand their territory.

In this world where words are literally mightier than any weapon, these men put their pride on the line as the Division Battle begins.

Premiere date: October 3, 1AM

3. The Irregular at Magic High School: Visitor Arc

Synopsis: Based on the best-selling light novels The Irregular at Magic High School, in a world where magic has been established as a form of technology and focus on a pair of siblings and their turbulent school life at Magic High School.

October 31st, 2095. The southernmost tip of the Korean Peninsula was annihilated due to an unidentified Strategic-Class magic. Known as “Scorched Halloween,” this day marked the arrival of a new Strategic-Class magician who would shake up the world.

Sensing an impending crisis, the USNA secretly deploys Stars – the most powerful magician unit in the world – in a desperate attempt to uncover the truth about the unidentified Strategic-Class magic and the magician who used it.

Approximately two months later, on December 24th, as people bustle through the city decorated with Christmas lights, Tatsuya and his friends gather at Cafe Einebrise for a farewell party for Rei before she goes off to America as an exchange student for three months. According to her, a girl who is the same age as her will be entering Magic High School as her visiting counterpart.

Meanwhile, at the USNA Stars’ base, a girl prepares to go undercover to investigate First High School. Her name is Angelina Kudou Shields. She is the youngest person in the history of Stars to become commander, and as USNA’s most powerful magician she wields the Strategic-Class magic known as Heavy Metal Burst.

Premiere date: October 4, 1AM

4. Our Last Crusade or the Rise of a New World

Synopsis: “The Empire”: a mechanized utopia with highly developed science and technology. “The Nebulis Sovereignty”: a nation feared as the “Land of the Witches” whose people use paranormal power. The two countries have been constantly at war for more than one hundred years, but now two heroes have appeared in their respective lands.

Iska has come to be recognized as the greatest military asset of the Empire at the youngest age in its history. Aliceliese is the Princess of the Nebulis Sovereignty, called the “Ice Calamity Witch” with fear by her enemies.

The two meet on the battlefield and become mortal enemies. Prides lock horns as they both fight uncompromisingly to protect their respective nations, families, and comrades.

But as they get to know each other as real people during their fierce battles, they start to become attracted to each other’s ways of life and ideals… though they are fully aware that fate will mock them cruelly, not allowing them to be together.

…Sure enough, the world’s tension heightens even more, and conspiracies of the major nations become more entangled. But even in such a world divided, this boy and girl cannot stop their feelings for each other…

Premiere date: October 7, 24:00

5: TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You

Synopsis: The mysterious beauty, Tsukasa, and the young man who fell in love with her at first sight, Nasa Yuzaki.

Her reply to Nasa’s desperate confession is, “I’ll go out with you if you marry me”?!

The absolutely adorable, precious and love-filled newlywed life between Nasa and Tsukasa begins now!!

Premiere date: October 6, 6PM

6:  D4DJ: First Mix

Synopsis: Having moved back to Japan from abroad, she transfers to Yoba Academy where DJ-ing is popular.

She is deeply moved by a DJ concert she sees there, and decides to form a unit of her own with Maho Akashi, Muni Ohnaruto, and Rei Togetsu.

While interacting with the other DJ units like Peaky P-key and Photon Maiden, Rinku and her friends aim for the high stage!

Premiere date: October 30

ANIPLUS Asia is available on local cable television via Skycable.

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