Netflix’s “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” to be voiced in Filipino, 11 other languages


The upcoming anime series “DOTA: Dragon’s Blood” is announced to be voiced in 12 languages.

It includes English, Russian, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Brazilian Portugese, Spanish (Neutral) , Spanish (Castilian), French, German, Italian and Filipino.


It was also announced that subtitles will be available in 30 languages.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood is an 8-episode anime series based on the popular DOTA 2 video-game franchise by Valve. It tells the story of Davion, a renowned Dragon Knight devoted to wiping the scourge from the face of the world.

Following encounters with a powerful, ancient eldwurm as well as the noble Princess Mirana on a secret mission of her own, Davion becomes embroiled in events much larger than he could have ever imagined.

Studio MIR, a South Korean animation studio will animate the series. They are responsible for animating most of the American TV series such The Legend of Korra and Voltron: Legendary Defender.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will premiere on March 25 on Netflix.