“Hand Shakers” to stream on Muse Asia


Muse Asia announced on Friday its plans to stream the anime series “Hand Shakers.”

The series will premiere on Wednesday, March 13 releasing new episodes daily until March 24.


Hand Shakers is an original anime series produced by GoHands with collaboration of production company Frontier Works and publisher Kadokawa. The series premiered January 10, 2017 in Japan. Animax Asia also released the series in the same year.

MyAnimeList describes the series as follows:

Those who receive the Revelation of Babel must overcome many battles and trials. By grasping the hand of their special partner, these “Hand Shakers” transport themselves to the realm of Ziggurat, an alternate dimension where time no longer exists. Each pair of Hand Shakers must battle it out for the right to meet with God, who will reward them by granting them a single wish.

Tazuna Takatsuki, a high school student with a penchant for fixing things, is one of these Hand Shakers. After receiving a request for repairs from Professor Makihara of a nearby university, Tazuna stumbles upon Koyori Akutagawa, a bedridden girl that reminds him of his deceased sister Musubu. Remembering her dying wish to never let go of her hand, Tazuna grasps Koyori’s hand and awakens his power as a Hand Shaker. However, Koyori’s life is directly tied to her status as a Hand Shaker, meaning if Tazuna was to ever let go of her hand she would die. With meeting God being their only hope for saving her, the duo must find a way to make their unique powers mesh together, overcome the opposing Hand Shakers, and make their wish come true.

For more details, visit Muse Asia’s official channel on Youtube.