Vtubers Lyrica and Kaheru to appear at FanFes Online 2021


Cosplay.ph, organizer of virtual event FanFes Online 2021 announced on Tuesday that Vtubers Lyrica and Kaheru will appear as special guests.

The two VTubers from the Philippines will also have their own Virtual Meet and Greet sessions with event-goers.


Vtuber, portmanteau for “virtual Youtuber” is described by Wikipedia as an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar generated using computer graphics. Most VTubers have anime-inspired avatar designs and are so popular that by 2020, there were more than 10,000 active VTubers world-wide.

In 2019, Cosplay.ph brought Japanese VTuber Mirai Akari to the Philippines during Cosplay Mania 2019.

The online event will also feature stage games like Anime Mob Mentality and Shadow Play. There will also be cosplay contests like Cosplay Karaoke and Cosplay Remote Runway with their own take on the concepts to translate the experience to the virtual stage.

FanFes Online 2021 will happen on May 29-30. For more details, visit cosplay.ph/fanfes-online-2021.