“The Vampire Dies in No Time”, “Vanguard Overdress”, “Visual Prison” to simulcast on ANIPLUS Asia


ANIPLUS Asia recently announced its plans to simulcast 3 anime titles this anime season Summer 2021.

The titles are The Vampire Dies in No Time, Vanguard Overdress, and Visual Prison.


Check out the details below:

The Vampire Dies in No Time


In search of missing children, vampire hunter Ronald heads to the castle of Draluc, who is feared as one of the most formidable vampires…
However, Draluc turns out to be a small-fry vampire who turns to dust at the slightest shock!
Draluc, the weakest vampire in history, together with Ronald, a hard-working vampire hunter and John, an armadillo.
An upbeat comedy unfolds with the weirdos and idiots surrounding them!

Premiere date: October 4, Monday at 11:30 PM

Vanguard Overdress


Yu-yu loses to Tohya Ebata and Team Blackout's flag goes up in ashes, but leader Danji Momoyama returns and wins Tohya in a Vanguard fight.

However, Danji suddenly announces his departure from the team and appoints Tohya as the next leader.

Meanwhile, Masanori and Shinobu continue their banner hunt under the name of Team Daybreak, under the command of Haruka Sokawa.

And there is also the mysterious girl, Mirei Minae.

What awaits Yu-yu and his friends?

Premiere date: October 6, Wednesday at 6 PM.

Visual Prison


Unable to find a place to belong, Ange Yuki, a lone young vampire, leaves his hometown for Harajuku, where he stumbles upon a battle between the visual kei groups "ECLIPSE" and "LOS†EDEN".
Overwhelmed by their performance, Ange is suddenly struck by an immense pain―

Premiere date: October 8, Friday at 24:30

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The second season of Restaurant to Another World anime series will also air on the channel this October.

ANIPLUS Asia is available in paid television via Skycable channel 139 and Cignal channel 75. For more updates, visit www.aniplus-asia.com or their social media accounts.