Cowboy Bebop original anime series coming on Netflix on Oct. 21


Netflix recently announced that the Cowboy Bebop original anime series is coming to the platform this October.

All 26 episodes of the anime series will be available on Netflix globally on October 21.


Cowboy Bebop is a Japanese science fiction anime series created and animated by Sunrise. It premiered in Japan in 1998.

The series was directed by Shinichiro Watanabe, which commented on the Netflix release, “For me, it’s a great surprise and honor that the Cowboy Bebop universe has thrived for over 20 years and will continue onward.”

Netflix describes the series as follows:

In this jazz-inspired, genre-bending galactic adventure, we meet Bebop crew Spike Spiegel (a former syndicate member), Jet Black (an ex-cop), Faye Valentine (a con artist), Radical Ed (a hacker kid), and Ein (a data dog), who live paycheck-to-paycheck while scouring
space for bounties.