“Ghost Fighter” live-action series coming to Netflix in 2023


Netflix officially announced that the live-action of the classic anime series Yu Yu Hakusho, more popularly known in the Philippines as “Ghost Fighter” will arrive in December 2023.

The announcement was made by @NetflixGeeked Twitter account.


“Yu Yu Hakusho” is based on a manga series of the same name. It was written and illustrated by Yoshihiro Togashi.

It tells the story of Yusuke (known by Filipinos as Eugene), a teenage delinquent who is struck and killed by a car while attempting to save a child’s life. Yusuke is granted a second chance to return from the dead, in return, he must take on the job as a Spirit Detective.

Netflix contents acquisition director Kazutaka Sakamoto is the executive producer with Teru Morii as producer. ROBOT, whose previous works include Netflix’s Alice in Borderland live-action series is producing the show.

The anime series was shown locally in the 90s. It is also currently streaming on Netflix.